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Tax return checklist for individual


☐ Salary & wages – Payment Summaries

☐ Employer Lump Sum and/or Employment Termination Summary

☐ Government payments and allowances statements

☐ Interest income from banks and other sources

☐ Statement for dividend received or reinvested

☐ Annual tax statement from Managed Funds Distribution

☐ Personal Service Income (PSI)

☐ Other income: Rental Properties

☐ Other income: Business Income (as a sole trader)

☐ Other income: Capital Gains from sale of investment assets

☐ Other income: Foreign income received

☐ Other income (please specify): ……



☐ Work related car expenses

☐ Work related travel expenses (fares & accommodation)

☐ Work related uniform and occupation specific clothing expenses

☐ Work related self-education expenses & professional development/seminars/conferences

☐ Previous year tax agent fees

☐ Home office expenses

☐ Telephone, computer, internet expenses

☐ Tools & equipment, registration, subscriptions, membership, union fees

☐ Income protection insurance premium paid

☐ Donations given to charities or building funds

☐ Any other expenses incurred in relation to income earning activities

☐ Personal superannuation contributions amount:

Full name of Superfund:

Account number:

Fund ABN:


☐ Senior Australian/Pensioner

☐ Did you make superannuation contribution on behalf of your spouse?

☐ Did you pay medical expenses relating to disability aids, attendant care or aged care?

☐ Health insurance and/or rebate entitlement statement



☐ Are you an Australian resident for tax purposes?

☐ Were you under the age of 18 on 30 June 2018?

☐ Did you have private hospital cover (health insurance) in 2018? Is yes, please provide statement.

☐ Do you have HECS/HELP liability or student financial supplement loan?

☐ Number of dependent children in 2018?

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